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The German non-profit organisation ArbeiterKind.de encourages and helps pupils from families without higher education experience to become First Generation university students. ArbeiterKind.de and its more then 6,000 volunteer mentors continue to support these students throughout their studies right up until successful graduation.

ArbeiterKind.de gives university students from so called non-academic families an identity and a voice. Through ArbeiterKind.de, the students meet peers who are facing similar challenges. As a group, these students are encouraged and gain in confidence. ArbeiterKind.de also strives to attract national attention and to raise public awareness of an often unacknowledged, yet systematic, discrimination.

ArbeiterKind.de helps pupils and university students gain access to and understand information about higher education. The website www.arbeiterkind.de provides all the information needed for a successful start at university with content tailored to the individual student, hands-on advice about financial support options, career guidance, and exam preparation. The website has created great interest among both current and potential university students. More than 30.000 people have been logging on every month.

Since 2008, ArbeiterKind.de has supported young people who have entered higher education as the first of their family. Over the steadily grown network of now more than 6,000 volunteers, ArbeiterKind.de informed and encouraged pupils, students and parents seeking advice from study entry until the successful completion of studies. The volunteers are organized nationwide in more than 80 local groups and efficiently addressed. The volunteers of ArbeiterKind.de are available during consultation hours and open meetings. They also hold information events at schools and a presentation of funding opportunities, scholarships, study selection and organization of studies. Additionally, the ArbeiterKind.de Info phone hotlline offers free initial information on four days a week.

ArbeiterKind.de is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations for the stabilization and the further expansion of support for first generation students. 
For further information contact www.arbeiterkind.de/spenden.

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